0.23 Acre in Palm Bay, Easy to Clear, Perfect for Building, Perfect for Adrenaline Junkies, Just a walking distance from an ATV area, Hurry and BUY TODAY FOR only $9,990! Sold

  • $9,990
  • 10018.8 sqft
3355 Slimtwig Ave SW Palm Bay, FL 32908 - Best Deal Landsellers

Worth $15,000 Selling at nearly 33% off Market Value


Reasons why you must have this property

  • Lovely in so many ways plus a delight for adventure lovers: provides country quality living at its best, perfect for a single family that wants to experience nature, fresh air and adventures. Snugged in a spot just a walking distance from an ATV area, plus many attractions that offer exciting outdoor recreational activities. MAke an experience of a less hassle life, a laid back pace of living, a family-oriented place that is fairly safe and doesn’t have a lot of crime in this parcel.  You will definitely fall in love with it and start a new life and make wonderful memories with your loved ones.  If you are dreaming for a perfect location either for your own home, for rent, or vacation getaway this is the one you are looking for.  Has flat, dry, and high terrain, does not contain towering hardwoods so easy to clean and get cleared for the start of your desired building. Power is available in the area, plus it has a super cheap annual tax fee. Located in an area that appears in the process of being developed, start building your desired single-family dwelling/your preferred style of a site-built house.  Full of greenery and shrub but no tall hardwoods, the lot is easy to clear, fresh ambiance, offers a comfortable and relaxing style of living while still being close to everything you need,  just a short drive from amenities, attractions and famous beaches of Space Coast.
  • A location perfect for getaways.   A very nice place to live in for sun, surf and sand.  There are a lot of beaches in the area, 42 minutes away from Spessard Holland South Beach Park.  The beach is very clean to enjoy jogging, walking and sun bathing. The intimacy and the ambiance of the beach makes it so special.  Small waves make it so perfect for a family with children to enjoy a family outing. Open to public and free parking. Not a crowded area where you can enjoy sunset and sunrise.  What a beautiful place to live in.  13.3 miles in Fisherman’s Landing Park.  Very nice picnic and fishing park with two fishing piers, small pavilion, and BBQ grills. An historical building is between the two ends of the park that has hours for touring. Kayak and canoe launching is permitted. Free admission.  Beautiful little spot for a quick walk or to relax and take in the views. You can see quite a few dolphins swimming around.  The best part is enjoying with the whole family without spending too much money.


  • Generating income saving for future retirement?  Because this property lives in a hot selling location.  You can also turn this property into an instagramable place where you can register it to Airbnb and have it for vacation for rent.  Because it is near to perfect getaway spots it can be a perfect place to stay in and relax.  At the same time the family can use it as a vacation house.

Purchase Options

Cash Price: $9,990

We are currently offering this property at a rock bottom cash price of $9,990. This is the deal of a lifetime, don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Owner Financing option: just  $2,190 down, $1499 doc fee, and $232.37/mo for 84 months

Ask for more seller financing options. We can make nearly everything possible for you.

Property Details

  • APN: 29-36-34-KT-2780-25
  • Property Type: Flat
  • Zoning:  RS2 (single-family Residential)
  • County: Brevard County
  • Property Address: 3355 Slimtwig Ave SW Palm Bay, FL 32908
  • GPS Coordinates (Approximate Center): 30.964380, -85.514239
  • City: SW Palm Bay
  • Zip: 32908
  • Acres: 0.23
  • Square Feet: 10018.8
  • Topography: Flat
  • Mobile Homes Allowed: No
  • RV Allowed: No
  • Nearest Cities or Subdivisions:
    • Orlando 
    • Tampa
    • Saint Petersburg
  • Annual Taxes:  $20.06



  • Power: Available in the area
  • Water: Needs to dig a well
  • Sewer/Septic: Needs to install septic


Purchasing property from us is simple and easy.  We have closed hundreds of real estate transactions and know the process well. We ensure a title that is free and clear. For all Cash transactions, we work together with an official and local title company or title attorney for your maximum safety. 


The buyer is responsible for verifying all information with the County as to what can and can’t be done with the property. The buyer will need to work with the County to obtain the proper permits if needed. The buyer will also need to confirm the availability of any utilities needed or serviced on the property. The seller makes no warranties or representations about the land, its condition, or what can be built on the property.

3355 Slimtwig Ave SW
Palm Bay, FL 32908
Square Feet:
Lot Size:
0.23 Acres
For Sale
Property Type:

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